Zac Efron Rehab Update: Cocaine Addiction Leads to Treatment and Vanessa Hudgens Was Last Serious Girlfriend, Claims Tabloids [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Sep 27, 2013 02:03 PM EDT

It was recently revealed that Zac Efron checked himself into rehab. Now rumors are claiming that the High School Musical Star sought treatment for a cocaine addiction. The tabloids also claimed that things went downhill after he split from his last serious girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens.

According to new reports, Efron was struggling with cocaine and Molly back in April. The drug use got so bad that the actor had to check into rehab, while he was filming a movie with Seth Rogan.

OK! Magazine, a major U.S. tabloid, claims they spoke with a source close to Efron. The insider told the publication about Zac’s drug use and partying:

“I’m shocked that it stayed a secret for as long as it has. I would say he hangs around people who want to be a part of the scene, probably encouraging him in a negative way. He was partying socially and it obviously got out of hand.”

The tabloid then took the liberty of guessing why Efron turned to drugs and alcohol in the first place. According to a source, it had a lot to do with his image as a Disney teen heartthrob:

“He’s desperate to get away from the teen heartthrob tag. The only thing that felt good was partying. It was an escape...It’s been a path of self-destruction that really started as a kind of rebellion...Most of his life he’s had to do what he was told, whether it be Disney or his parents--who can be controlling at times--and he’s always put work first. When he finally started doing his own movies, he leapt on his new freedom.”

The magazine also suggested that a contributing factor to his partying could have been his split with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. Since their relationship dissolved back in 2010, Efron has been on a womanizing streak, or so a “source” claims:

“Zac went wild after he and Vanessa split. He had women falling all over him.”

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