Allegedly Pregnant Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Wedding Canceled? Friends Say Yes, Claims Tabloid [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Sep 30, 2013 05:21 PM EDT

Jennifer Aniston, who is allegedly pregnant, and Justin Theroux may have canceled their wedding plans. According to a U.S. tabloid, the couple will never say “I do.” We’ll take a look at their claims and see if there is any truth behind them...or if they’re just more tabloid lies.

Well, it certainly does appear that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are in no hurry to tie the knot. The celebrity duo has been engaged for quite some time and there is no wedding date set as of yet.

Now, a source has revealed to Star magazine that procrastination may not be the only reason the nuptials haven’t occurred:

‘It’s a joke among Justin’s friends. There’s about $100,000 riding on it. His friends are adamant that he won’t ever marry. Justin finds weddings embarrassing. He can’t stand the idea of being on display, not to mention the pressure that comes with marrying Jennifer Aniston.”

Many tabloids have claimed that the wedding won’t occur, because Jen refuses to compromise on their living situation. A source told OK! Magazine:

"Where to live is proving to be a major dilemma. Justin says he feels like a fish out of water in L.A, and that New York is the only place he can really be happy. The fact that he's now filming there for two months has only reinforced this. Justin has been working towards this project for months. It's a big deal for him, as it's his first major role, so he's relocated to New York for the next two months to focus solely on that. Jennifer is supportive, but it has meant that they've had to postpone the wedding again. Jennifer thinks they'd have a really happy life in L.A. and doesn't want to live in New York, even part time. Until they can agree, there won't be a wedding."

What do you think about the latest allegations? Will Jen and Justin EVER walk down the aisle?

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