Is 'Blue's Clues'' Steve Burns Really Dead? Rumors Host Died in Car Wreck Surface

By Jonathan Lambert on Nov 05, 2015 09:14 AM EST

Well, the internet is back at it. Last weekend saw a number of reports that Blue's Clues host Steve Burns was involved in a fatal car wreck. But, are the rumors that Burns died over the weekend accurate?

Of course, not!

This is just the latest in a long string of celebrity death hoaxes. In fact, this isn't even the first time that Steve has fallen victim to the macabre internet trend.

Several years ago, the former children's show host was reported to commit suicide over his lackluster career following Blues.

But, as Inquistr tells readers, Steve is doing just fine:

"The celebrity death hoax is something that is going to stay around as long as the Internet exists and that will likely be forever...The very latest to fall victim to this hoax is that of Steve Burns, whom you may not immediately recognize by name. You'd know him better as Steve from Blue's Clues, and he did not die in a car accident as reported."

That's right, Steve may no longer be appearing on television, but the onetime children's icon is still living. But, how do these stories keep finding their way on the internet?

According to rumor-busting website Snopes, this report stemmed from a fake news site called MSMBC News. Snopes even posted sections of MSMBC's laughable report, which reads:

"Steve Burns, 42, was killed in a one-car crash in Pennsylvania, a local coroner said....Burns was pronounced dead at 7:11 p.m. Friday at The Reading Hospital and Medical Center in Reading, Berks County Coroner Randall Wiseman told The Associated Press...Burns...suffered severe head trauma and internal injuries after he wrecked a 2014 Dodge Challenger near the community of Shillington."

What do you think of the latest report? Did you fall for the lies or did you do your research before posting on Facebook?

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