Did Meg Ryan Quit Acting at Age 51? ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ Star Leaves Hollywood for John Mellencamp

By Jonathan Lambert on Oct 04, 2013 06:59 PM EDT

If you happened to see the tabloids this week, you may be asking yourself if Meg Ryan has quit acting. The Sleepless in Seattle star, now age 51, has left Hollywood for New York City, so she can spend more time with her family and boyfriend John Mellencamp. 

Meg Ryan was once a public person. She was the golden goose of romantic comedies, sure to rake in box office gold. But now things have changed.

It’s not that the scripts have stopped coming in. Ryan has just stopped accepting the roles, or at least that’s what she tells People magazine.

The tabloid caught up with Meg for an in-depth interview, where the star opened up about her professional and personal life...both of which lead her to New York.

Delia Ephron, a writer and close friend of Ryan, thinks the move has done her well. The author commented to the publication that:

"Los Angeles is just about movies. New York is about so much more than that, and so is Meg...It makes you different.”

And Megan has become different. Verses starring in upcoming romantic comedies, she chooses instead to spend her days with her family. That consists of playing with Daisy, her 8-year-old daughter, and boyfriend/rock legend John Mellencamp.

Of course, life hasn’t always been easy for Meg. Back in 2008, the actress opened up about her affair with Russell Crowe and how it altered her life. She told InStyle that:

"My time as a scarlet woman was really interesting. As painful as it was, it was also incredibly liberating. Now I was utterly free. I didn’t have to care about what people thought," she said to the fashion mag. I have gotten to do what I guess I secretly wanted to do. Be totally under the radar and live my life.”

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