Olympic National Anthems by London Philharmonic Orchestra on iTunes

on Jul 20, 2012 05:41 PM EDT

National anthems of 205 countries performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO), is now available on iTunes.

The LPO recorded each one of the 205 national anthems in May 2011 in preparation for the medal ceremonies in London 2012 Olympic. Now as the Olympics approach, all the anthems have been made available to download from iTunes.

According to the Orchestra, the anthems were recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London for six days in a row, "involving 15,000 sheets of music, 51 recording hours, and 970 takes". 

It is very unlikely that all of the anthems will be played at the medal ceremony. Out of the 205 anthems, about 140 have never been heard at the medal ceremony. But they all will be also played at the beginning of the Games to greet athletes from different countries to the Olympic Village.

The national anthems by the world-renowned orchestra are available here.

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