Tom Cruise Gets New Scientology Girlfriend?

By S. Adreon Jȯrdan on Nov 25, 2015 04:59 PM EST

While everyone is still talking about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx supposed secret relationship, Tom Cruise hasn't officially had a new girlfriend since their divorce back in 2012. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Tom is doing his best to land a woman from outside the movie business, but the Church of Scientology will have none of it. Word has it that, following the media backlash surrounding his last marriage and subsequent divorce, CoS' leader David Miscavige, has to approve of any and every lady the Mission Impossible action star is interested in before any future relationships are allowed to go forward.

After three failed marriages to famous Hollywood actresses world has it that a lonely Tom Cruise is looking to broaden his dating pool in the hopes of soon finding wife number four.

One secret source claiming to be in the know in the latest December 7, issue of OK! Magazine claims Tom would like to take a page from George Clooney's dating play book, but his church can't find a female executive that they think is right for Cruise:

"He'd love to find someone classy and intelligent like George's wife Amal. She's his ideal.

"He's open to dating another actress, particularly if she's sophisticated or, alternatively, young and willing to be molded, but he's prefer a businesswoman or someone outside the Hollywood circuit...[but David Miscavige] has been putting the kibosh on all of Tom's ideas so far."

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx' relationship is said to be doing better than ever, despite it's never having been officially confirmed.

The insider that the NY Post spoke to claimed that although they were keeping it quiet, Katie and Jamie are still very much in love (via Times Live):

"She is head over heels for him. But they don't want to fuel any of the rumors so Jamie has been avoiding attending parties she's been going to.

"Katie and Jamie have a fun and playful relationship and have gotten even closer in the past few months.''

Thankfully for Tom and the Church, his affiliation with Scientology doesn't seem to have much affected his movie career.

In fact, Variety reports that it looks like Universal thinks that the Mission Impossible star might even be reboot their Mummy monster movie franchise:

"Cruise isn't expected to produce, but he will play a major part in development.

"Characters from the monster universe films are expected to crop up in each other's installments before culminating in an Avengers-style tie-in film."

What do you think about Tom Cruise attachment to Scientology?

Is it about time Cruise severed all ties with the Hollywood cult?

Or, is it nice to see Tom working hard to improve CoS' controversial image one blockbuster at a time?

Let us hear what you have to say about it in the comment field below.

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