Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Is Head Coach Chip Kelly to Be Fired After Thanksgiving-Day Loss?

By Brian Neal on Nov 26, 2015 03:29 PM EST

Happy Thanksgiving, Philadelphia Eagles fan! Enjoying your day? No? Well, perhaps a little rumors piece about getting rid of your mad-scientist head coach could be just the thing you need to lift the spirits. Even though we're only in Week 12 of the season, could these back-to-back blowout losses get Chip Kelly fired long before Black Monday?

There have been inklings that it's basically a no-brainer that he'll be out by at least the end of the season, but perhaps this is the final straw for Eagles management, who ESPN's Adam Schefter said pretty much despises Kelly as of only two days ago.

"I think momentum and signs seem to be piling up against a Chip Kelly return to Philadelphia," Schefter said on SiriusXM NFL Radio (via "I think both sides are sick of each other.

"I think the fans are tired of him. I think he's tired of the situation there. (That's) just my read, from afar. That stadium began emptying early in the fourth quarter. It was an ugly scene."

Schefter is spot on about his "read" on the fans' feelings. Kelly's turned this Eagles team from NFC East favorites into jokes, and their faithful definitely aren't thrilled about it. Here are some of their thoughts from the game today.

I especially like that last one. Lot's of fire right there. Love the passion of the all-CAPS kind of message.

Though Schefter didn't cite sources with his comments and was giving his opinion, he's obviously one of the most well-connected guys out there. And if his assumption is spot on, as many usually are, then this marriage of the Eagles and Kelly could be over sooner than we all thought.

Kelly basically gained control over a pretty solid football team in 2013, and took them to the playoffs in his first year and a 10-6 record. The next offseason, he retooled the roster to fit his schemes better, and they went 10-6 once more, but lost three of their last four and missed the postseason. This past offseason, he made even more changes to supposedly get the right players once again, and now they're soon to be an appalling 4-7 following two blowout losses to teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Detroit Lions -- both of which the Eagles were expected to beat, with or without Sam Bradford.

It really is a shame, as Twitter user @MattChastain_ pointed out above, because many considered Chip Kelly to be a revolutionary type of head coach. He was the guy who would bring the dominant Oregon Ducks spread offense to the NFL -- but as we've seen in the past, it just doesn't work that well at the pro level. This case was no different.

It's time for a change in Philly, and odds are, it's coming soon.

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