James Wright Chanel Spends Thanksgiving With Patti LaBelle After Viral Pie Review

By Brandy on Nov 28, 2015 04:39 PM EST

Famous soul diva Pattie LaBelle recently received a bump in her name brand sweet potato pie sales from a super fan whose musical review went viral on YouTube. To say thank you, the vocal goddess invited James Wright Chanel into her home for Thanksgiving and for a birthday wish come true.

Since Wright's birthday also fell on this year's turkey day, Miss LaBelle serenaded him with her own special rendition of "Happy Birthday." Of course, LaBelle went all out with a birthday cake she decorated just for her special fan and Patti's son bought him a Louis Vuitton duffle bag, because according to her, Wright "is going to be a world traveler."

Wright danced with LaBelle as the two sang "You are my Friend," among other LaBelle classics. Much of what transpired has been posted to Wright's Facebook page along with plenty of thank yous to LaBelle for making this special day one that he will never forget. "This has been the best Thanksgiving ever and it's also been the best birthday ever and I'm very very grateful," reads one of Wrights many posts about the day.

Wright was not the only thankful person at this holiday feast. LaBelle sold $2 million worth of pie after Wright's singing debut hit the net. In fact, the pies were almost impossible to find on the shelves. Walmart's senior manager of media relations, Scott Markley, informed Business Insider, "We sold one pie per second for 72 hours straight [between November 13 - November 15],"

The 71-year-old super star's gratitude for her biggest fan is made evident in a post she wrote in reference to Wright after he spent the day with her, "The thing is - God has blessed me with another angel." The two obviously hit it off quite well.

If you are not one of the people who has contributed to the more than 13 million views of Write's Patti LaBelle pie review, you can watch it below.

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