Jennette McCrudy and Andre Drummond Twitter Break Up Official, 'Sam and Cat' Star Posts Vines Blaming Basketball Player for Break Up

By James Knight on Oct 14, 2013 06:47 PM EDT

Jennette McCrudy and Andre Drummond's rumored breakup is now official, via Twitter. The 'Sam and Cat' star continues to post Vines strongly hinting that she is now single. One of her latest videos, implies that the basketball star is to blame.

Jennette McCrudy has seemingly broken up with Detroit Pistons player Andre Drummond. The actress recently posted a new Vine, titled "Me breaking up with a guy" that has her placing blame for the breakup on the guy:

"Me Breaking up with a guy. Hey it's not me, its you. It's all you."

One of her other Vine's titled "Meeting British boys" has her falling all over herself while being kissed by a British boy.

Last week, McCrudy had many speculating that she was once again single, posting a series of Vines, with one titled, "Giving myself dating advice..." The short clip shows McCurdy sitting in bed, giving herself advice to not be herself, in hopes that she will receive a second date.

Another Vine, titled "1st date/4th date," has McCurdy showcasing the behavior changes between the first and fourth dates. On date one, she feigns interest in what her date has to say. On the fourth, she rudely cuts the date short, passing the check off on the guy.

Rumors starting flying that the couple were no longer an item after an apparent lack of public communication between the social media friendly pair.

After McCurdy's mother's recent passing, Drummond promised to be there for her, tweeting:

"Thru tough times here I stand, ill always have your back @jennettemccurdy."

The promise was apparently short lived. After her mother's furneral, McCurdy sent out some tweets of thanks to all those who have been there to support her, with Drummond's name notably absent from the tweets:

“Truly thankful to the wonderful friends who showed their support today. My second family @NickelodeonTV has gone above and beyond."

She also added:

“Especially thankful to @DanWarp @MirandaCosgrove @ColtonTran @NathanKress @ArianaGrande @RBWeiner @CameronOcasio @mareecheatham.”

The couple first met in a highly unusual way, as McCrudy wrote about hearing of his crush on her via Twitter, in a essay for The Wall Street Journal :

"I backtracked on his Twitter page a few months and checked out his Instagram… he appeared personable, youthful, and fun. And judging by the amount of me-related posts he had shared, it seemed he had been expressing his crush on me for quite some time. I found it sweet, gutsy, and flattering."

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