Robert Pattinson Gains Weight After Dating Kristen Stewart, Emotional Eating or New Role to Blame? [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Oct 17, 2013 10:16 PM EDT

New photos of Robert Pattinson show that the Twilight actor has recently gained a noticeable amount of weight. Rumors are flying that the extra pounds may be due to emotional eating, after he stopped dating Kristen Stewart earlier this summer. Of course, a new role could be to blame.

Robert was photographed while he was out running errands and looked much larger than he did in the Twilight series. According to E! News, Kristen has nothing to do with it:

“Pattinson is following a strict fitness regimen to get into shape for his new flick Mission: Blacklist, where he'll play a young military interrogator who helps lead the mission to capture Saddam Hussein, and has been seen keeping to his routine on numerous occasions.”

Robert isn’t the only one who has been accused of undergoing physical changes due to the break up. Last month, tabloids reported that Kristen Stewart was losing her hair.

While Kristen never addressed the rumors, it didn’t stop the tabloids from speculating as to why she is losing the hair. OK! claimed that Rupert Sanders and his ex-wife, Liberty Ross, was to blame.

Rupert was the reason behind Robert and Kristen’s first break up. The young actress slept with the director who was married, while she was still dating Robert. Now, it has been revealed that she may have cheated on Rob with Rupert AGAIN. According to a source:

“Sanders, not her, abruptly ended it...Liberty’s still furious at her for sleeping with her husband and forcing a split that has really affected her two small kids...Liberty recently left a message for Kristen, suggesting she might as well sew a big letter ‘A’ on her chest, since she’s never really apologized to the now-divorced mom.”

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