‘The Voice’ Cee Lo Green Drug Arrest Update: Pleads Not Guilty to Felony Ecstasy Charge, Rape Allegations Dropped

By Jonathan Lambert on Oct 23, 2013 12:08 PM EDT

Cee Lo Green, a coach on NBC’s hit The Voice, received a bit of good news on Monday. Allegations that he raped a young woman have been dropped due to lack of evidence, however, he is still facing felony ecstasy charges, for which he plead not guilty.

On Monday, Cee Lo Green was officially charged with one count of furnishing a controlled substance. The substance in question was reportedly the party drug MDMA, more commonly referred to as ecstasy.

He plead not guilty to the charges through his attorney Blair Berk and agreed to turn himself in within seven days to the LAPD for booking. But according to the LA Times, things could have been much worse:

“Prosecutors said Green, 39, whose real name is Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, allegedly slipped ecstasy to a 33-year-old woman while they were having dinner in mid-July 2012 before they went to the woman's hotel room, according to a statement from the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. Prosecutors didn't file a charge of rape of an intoxicated person against Green because because they did not have sufficient evidence, the statement said.”

The alleged incident in question took place over a year ago, when Green took the woman on a date to a popular sushi restaurant. According to TMZ, the police were not buying her story of rape.

They were, however, interested in an audio recording she had of Green discussing his use of the drug for recreational purposes. Astonishingly, this could lead to a 4-year prison sentence. Still, this was better than things could have turned out if the sexual assault charges hadn’t been dropped. Cee Lo’s attorney told the press:

"We are pleased that the Los Angeles County District Attorney has completed its investigation and concluded that the evidence did not support the false and unfounded claims made over a year ago."

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