Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Divorce Rumors: Cheating with Cady Groves and Jamey Johnson to Blame?

By Jonathan Lambert on Oct 24, 2013 01:54 PM EDT

There are new rumors flying about Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. The country music duo have been plagued by cheating allegations for the past few months. The latest claims accuse Miranda of dating Jamey Johnson and Blake of having an affair with Cady Groves.

According to the latest edition of Star, Blake has caught Miranda engaged in a romantic relationship with fellow country singer and friend, Jamey Johnson. The tabloid quotes a source, who claims to have insider knowledge:

“Blake feels like an idiot. He’s furious at Miranda for not being honest about the affair. And he never thought Jamey would stab him in the back like that.”

The source goes on to claim that it was Jamey’s entourage who initially discovered the affair. According to the insider, the crew went to Jamey’s tour bus and encountered the shock of a lifetime:

“They thought he was just there taking a break. But when they walked to the back of the bus and opened the door to the lounge, they found Miranda on top of Jamey, having sex with him!”

Blake, however, didn’t find out until recently. According to the source, who happened to be present for both events (yeah, right):

“Miranda and Blake were hanging with friends, having some drinks, when one of Miranda’s friends made a joke about Jamey. [When Blake found out] he turned bright red and started drilling Miranda about the details. He was furious.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the couple has been accused of cheating. Normally, however, it involves Blake. Back in April, gossip sites and tabloids reported that Shelton had a month long affair with Cady Groves.

These accounts were denied. Shortly after, Miranda said:

“We really love each other and have a marriage. You go through the hard stuff together, and those are the moments that actually count. The rest is just fluff.”

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