Kim Kardashian Pregnant Rumors: New Baby After Kanye West Wedding Proposal and Engagement Ring

By Jonathan Lambert on Oct 24, 2013 03:21 PM EDT

New rumors are flying that Kim Kardashian is once again pregnant. Allegations that she and babydaddy Kanye West are expecting baby number two, resurfaced after their high-profile wedding proposal, where Kanye gave her one heck of an engagement ring.

It makes sense that pregnancy rumors would resurface immediately after Kim accepted Kanye’s proposal. This is especially true when you make such a spectacle out of your romance.

And that’s exactly what Kanye did when he blindfolded Kim and flew her to a football stadium full of friends and family to propose. While Kim was expecting a simple birthday celebration in honor of her 33rd b-day, she was greeted to a full orchestra playing her favorite songs.

Of course, that wasn’t the only surprise Kanye had up his sleeves. The rap legend got on one knee and proposed to the reality star/socialite. She said yes (obvs) and accepted his engagement ring, which has an estimated value of nearly $8 million.

Kanye better watch out, those rings really depreciate in value. After all, Kim’s ex-husband just sold her wedding ring, from their union of just 72 days.

Of course, he may need to watch out for baby number 2, as well. A previous report by gossip site Hollywood Life indicates that Kim may want another sibling for Nori, as a source revealed:

"Kim is already talking about having another baby. She wants her children to be close in age, and she would love for baby North to have a little brother or sister. Apparently, Kanye is also on board. They love being parents and want a big family."

If the couple were to give birth to another child, it would make sense. Kanye couldn’t help but gush over Kim on her mom’s newly-canceled show, Kris:

"I was in love with her before I even got to even talk to her. Of course being in the limelight you have to have a match or like, someone that's equally yoked and it's difficult...And when I would be on the phone with her, even at my lowest moment, she'd give me energy and remind me of who I was, and I needed that support at all times."

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