Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Divorce Update: NBA Player to Reveal Brandy Lawsuit Details, Family Secrets [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Oct 28, 2013 01:38 PM EDT

There has been a new update in the likely divorce of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian. According to rumors, the NBA player is threatening to reveal family secrets, including what really happened in the Brandy lawsuit.

In a recent edition of OK! Magazine, the tabloid claimed that Lamar Odom will threaten to reveal the darkest secrets of the Kardashian family, if he’s not given a $50 million payday. According to a source, Lamar will speak out about the court case between R&B superstar Brandy vs. Kim and Khloe Kardashian:

“Before they were famous, back in the day, Kim and Khloe worked as personal shoppers and stylists for Brandy. They used her credit cards to charge $200,000 of merchandise for themselves. Brandy sued the girls and they settled for $300,000. This money came from Khloe’s trust fund her father, Robert, had set up for her before he died. Khloe was forced to use all of the money her dad left her, to pay back Brandy and the lawyers.”

The source went on to claim that Lamar may mention the girls’ troubling shopping addiction, as well:

“Before the three girls became rich and famous enough to pay their credit card bills, they got in the habit of acquiring cards, maxing them out, then cancelling them [the bills are paid off currently]...They shop to feel better about themselves, just like alcoholics drink to lose themselves.”

While there is likely no shortage of information to reveal, the insider thinks that Lamar will spill the beans about everything if he’s not given enough money to keep up his hard-partying lifestyle:

“He’d go on TV, on radio, newspapers and magazines, whatever. His story would be an ultimate window into their world, and he knows it. It’s all about exit strategy for right now, and from Lamar’s point of view, money is key…He’s been through a lot of his fortune with the crazy lifestyle, all the partying, the fast cars and loose women. Maybe $50 million might sound like a crazy amount but Lamar figures the Kardashians are rolling in money. This is like peanuts to them in the big picture.”

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