Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant with Twins? New 2013 Baby Bump Rumors, Claims Tabloids [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Oct 28, 2013 04:34 PM EDT

If you’re a fan of the tabloids, then you may be wondering if Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. A new report says that the actress is having twins and posted what appears to be an ultrasound picture on the cover. Are these 2013 baby bump rumors just more tabloid lies?

Simply put, yes! Even the ultrasound photo was totally fake. In the smallest print you have ever seen, OK! states that the "ultrasound could look like this." Shameful!

The tabloid went on to quote an alleged insider who discussed Aniston’s desire to have children:

“She has been actively trying to get pregnant for a while. [Jen] has been undergoing IVF fertility treatments for some time now.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Jen has been accused of using IVF. Another source revealed that Aniston was using the treatment, in an earlier edition of the magazine:

"She knows the clock is ticking--she’s well aware of it. She’s also done her homework. She’s explored all methods for having a baby and knows what her options are with IVF. She’s educated herself. There is no desperation. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.”

The source continued their rampant speculation about Aniston, claiming that the 44-year-old actress is thinking about having twins:

“In some ways two is better. This way, she would only have to go through the whole [IVF] process over and over again. And let’s face it: She has the financial means to take care of triplets if she wanted to! She has a big enough heart to do it too...Jen’s hoping for twins. Jen says she doesn’t care what sex the babies are, just as long as they’re healthy. But Justin is hoping for boys.”

What do you think about the latest rumors? Is Jen pregnant? Why do the tabloids always focus on the actress? Tell us your thoughts in the comment field below.

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