Scalpers Flock to Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton' with $600 Fake Tickets

By Ian Holubiak on Jan 20, 2016 09:45 AM EST
'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night - Arrivals And Curtain Call Lin-Manuel Miranda performs at 'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night at Richard Rodgers Theatre on August 6, 2015 in New York City. (Photo : Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Perhaps the Most Exciting Musical of the Decade is a little too exciting. As is with most major productions, performances are subject to scalpers and fake tickets, all of which are a scam that could add up to $600. In the end, it will leave you Hamilton-less for Lin-Manuel Miranda and Broadway's sensational new musical.

If you haven't heard about Hamilton (and trust us, you have) then you're aware of its status as a juggernaut piece, meaning it is moving forward with such velocity that it's inspiring all kinds of fake and counterfeit ticket sales.

For Lin-Manuel Miranda, he has been a part of several efforts to help combat the spike in fakes. With his #Ham4Ham giveaways becoming a staple of the shows continually growing success, Miranda has lent himself to multiple preventative efforts. Sadly, this has done little to curb ticket fakers from trying to score in on the action.

Forgeries have increasingly become a problem for shows at the height equal to Hamilton. While a forger may not waste their time on counterfeiting a $10 bill with Alexander Hamilton's likeness on it, they certainly will fake a ticket for a show about his life.

Per Playbill:

"The forgeries are remarkably good and very closely resemble the actual tickets, and cost buyers hundreds of dollars beyond the printed price. However, the Times reported that many of the tickets bear dates from a year ago, when Hamilton was not even playing on Broadway."

The New York Times also did an editorial on Jason, a man who was conned into buying a two tickets to the performance summing at $600. When he and his wife arrived at the Richard Rodgers Theater on Jan. 2, however, they were left out in the cold with other couples entrenched the same situation.

Beware of the dreaded scalpers claiming to have tickets to the hottest show in town--always use a valid source for purchasing seats.

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