Cleveland Cavaliers: Firing Coach David Blatt Is the Right Decision for Team, LeBron James

By Evan Massey on Jan 22, 2016 04:17 PM EST

The Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly fired head coach David Blatt and it is the right decision for both the team as well as superstar forward LeBron James after the inconsistent start to the season.

Last season, there were reports of a rift between Blatt and James and it did seem to affect the team. It has been obvious this season that the rift is still there. Blatt has been unable to gain control of the locker room and his rotations have not seemed to work that well either.

James and the Cavaliers are without question the best team in the Eastern Conference and have the best record in the conference as well, but they are not playing up to their talent level. They have a lot of talent at every single position, but simply aren't beating teams the way they should be. It has been a very frustrating season despite the 30-11 record that they currently hold.

While they may have a very good record, that doesn't mean that the team is working well and playing to the best of their abilities.

Blatt is going to get another head coaching job in the NBA in the near future, but a team with a star like James leading the way isn't a great situation for a new head coach. He needs to find a team with a young, up-and-coming nucleus that he can grow with and assert his power as a head coach over.

Cleveland has agreed to a multi-year deal with Tyronn Lue to be their new head coach, which is a perfect step in the right direction. He is very well liked by the locker room and especially by James.

James and company are talented enough to find their own way the majority of the time. At the very least the Cavaliers have brought in a coach that can work alongside of James and get the franchise player on his side to help with the locker room problems that Blatt had.

Firing Blatt was only a matter of time and it will be intriguing to see what kind of impact it has on the team moving forward.

Lue seems like the perfect fit to take over the team and get them playing to their full potential. James likely is very happy about this move, which will make the rest of the locker room happy by default.

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