Leonardo DiCaprio Shunned by the American Lung Association for Vaping at SAG Awards

By Brad Repka on Feb 03, 2016 03:20 AM EST

There has been a movement sweeping through Hollywood since the late 1990s to ban smoking in films that could be seen by adolescents. There are a few groups that have made it their mission to carry this over to the actors appearances themselves. Leonardo DiCaprio is feeling the full force of this attack after being seen smoking his e-cigarrette at the SAG Awards.

DiCaprio had a great night, and took home a SAG Award for Best Actor for his performance in the film, The Revenant, which has also won 3 Golden Globes, and 2 Critics' Choice Awards. This is a time to rejoice for DiCaprio, who is looking to win his first Academy Award this year.

Unfortunately this year, Leonardo DiCaprio is being shunned by the American Lung Association for using his e-cigarette during the SAG Awards ceremony. According to the ALA, 'vaping' is regarded as bad as smoking tobacco, and although Leo's vaping wasn't technically illegal, the Association isn't too happy about it. They called Leo out, saying that his actions were, "deeply troubling". They also state that Leo's vaping exposes others to secondhand hazards that include cancer.

The interesting thing here is that Leo isn't breaking any Los Angeles laws. There is a ban on vaping in public places in Los Angeles, and according to the Los Angeles Daily News vaping is banned "at indoor workplaces, such as bars, nightclubs and restaurants...and public areas like farmers' markets, parks, recreational facilities, beaches and outdoor dining areas."

I find this situation to be a bit preposterous, but in the politically correct era that we live in today, it seems that no one is safe. There are some areas of an actor's life and actions that should be left up to the person, but when you are A-lister such as Leo, there is nothing off-limits to public ridicule.

The 88th Academy Awards is set to premier on February 28, 2016, The Revenant has garnered 12 nomintions.

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