Portia and Ellen Degeneres 2013 Divorce Rumors: Joining Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy? [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Nov 01, 2013 04:39 PM EDT

Rumors are flying that Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres may be getting a divorce in 2013. If true, that means she is joining the ranks of Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy. Is the couple really breaking up or is it just more tabloid nonsense?

Things may not be going great for legendary talk show host and gay rights activist Ellen Degeneres and her longtime galpal Portia de Rossi. According to a new report in Star, the Hollywood A-listers may soon call it quits.

According to an alleged insider who spoke with the tabloid, Ellen has become too jealous and controlling. The source reveals that:

“Ellen’s a jealous control freak, and it’s taking a toll on Portia. Portia loves her to death, but she feels like she’s trapped in Ellen’s world and she can’t get out. She’s had it with Ellen’s jealousy and insecurities! There’s even been talk of a separation, but for now, they’re trying to work things out in therapy.”

Apparently, it was Portia that encouraged the new therapy sessions. At least that’s how the source made it seem, when they revealed:

“Portia insisted on therapy because she thinks Ellen’s lingering issues from [being abused] may be connected to their ongoing marital problems. Before they were married, Ellen was very into therapy and used to have treatment sessions twice a week. But since then her coping mechanisms have slowly eroded and it’s affecting their marriage.”

Of course, even if the divorce rumors are true, the trial will probably be less public than that of Ellen’s protege, Bethenny Frankel. Her high-profile split from Jason Hoppy has dominated the headlines.

From secret recordings to serious allegations, the trial has been a messy one. One source believes that Jason has consciously chosen to embarrass Frankel since his estranged wife filed for sole custody. According to the insider who spoke to Radar Online:

"She makes all of these public statements that she hoped the divorce would be amicable, but then filed for sole custody of Bryn...How could it have remained amicable when Bethenny is doing that? Did she honestly believe Jason would just walk away from their daughter? There is no way he would ever do that. If it means going to trial, Jason is willing to take his chance."

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