Lindsey Stirling Talks Conquering Sharon Osbourne in New Book?

By Shane Jordan on Jan 29, 2016 08:55 PM EST

As the world's first famous dancing violinist, Lindsay Stirling has made a name for herself by being different, but sadly the 29-year-old California native has not always been celebrated for it. Stirling's new book, The Only Pirate at the Party, which she co-authored with her sister Brooke S. Passey, tells the tale of how Lindsay was able to overcome humiliating run-ins with entertainment experts -- like Sharon Osbourne -- who told her she would never make it, only to become the highest paid female performer on YouTube today.

At first glance the title of Lindsey Stirling's new memoir, The Only Pirate at the Party, doesn't seem to make much sense given her reputation as a devout Mormon, but she explains in the first few pages of the text why she has long considered herself the swashbuckling type (via Desert News):

"Pirates don't take orders or ask permission...They do what they want.

"Allow me to clarify. If your mom asks you to do the dishes, do not pull out your pirate attitude.

"But if someone tells you you're not good enough, says your dreams are too lofty, or claims there is no room in showbiz for a dancing violinist -- well then, by all means, pull out your eye patch, my friend, and take to the high seas."

One such someone that did their best to shatter Stirling's dreams back in the day was none other than current The Talk cast member Sharon Osbourne.

During a recent interview, Stirling recalled how Osbourne -- acting at the time as a judge for America's Got Talent -- tried to convince her that she would never amount to anything dancing around with her violin (via Fox 5 NY):

"She said that I reminded her of a cartoon character and I would never fill a theater. And you should get a group or join an act of some kind.

"It was crippling. I was so humiliated. It was devastating...But I really thought about it and I was like ok I'm not good enough yet.

"I know how to work hard. I really want to prove them wrong."

Well, it seems that she has most certainly done that.

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