Kentucky Arts Council Budget Elimination Rumors Unfounded

By Shane Jordan on Jan 31, 2016 09:46 PM EST

Earlier this month, many a member of the Kentucky art community was up in arms after hearing the rumors that newly elected governor Matt Bevin planned to completely eliminate the budge for the state's Kentucky Art Council. As it turns out, however, when the budget was finally revealed last Tuesday, the majority of the Art Coucil's $2,796,200 budget was left intact.

The hysteria surrounding reports that Governor Matt Bevin was planning to eliminate the Kentucky Arts Council budget reached suh a fever pitch, that Arts Council board member Wilma Brown of Frankfort is said to have sent out a desperate email to friends and supporters begging them to put out the word before it was too late (via WFPL News):

"It is not clear whether an alternative agency will be formed or whether the arts will be folded into another agency.

"In either case, oversight of the arts will become political with changes in personnel and programs with each election."

Thankfully, the Lexington Herald Leader reported Tuesday that that did not happen -- as the Kentucky Art Council's budget faced only $170K in cuts for 2016.

Board chairwoman Mary Michael Corbett commented that in light of his leaving their funds largely intact, that the Kentucky Art Council now viewed Gov. Bevin as a friend and ally to the arts:

"As I'm looking at the budget, I am pleasantly surprised and I am delighted that the governor is as supportive of the arts community as this budget indicates.

"We look forward to working with his administration to advance the good work of the Kentucky Arts Council."

So it looks like fans of Kentucky's arts community won't have to worry about Bevin trying to balance the budget on the back of the Kentucky Arts Council any time soon.

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