Randy Travis Health Update: Second Brain Surgery Rumors Kill Tour Dreams, Paralyzed After Near Death Illness?

By James Knight on Nov 04, 2013 10:52 PM EST

Country star Randy Travis has reportedly undergone a second brain surgery, as the result of a near-death illness the singer suffered over the summer. A new health update alleges that the beloved artist is paralyzed and may never tour again.

Randy Travis returned to his Texas home early last month after a grueling stint in physical therapy following his near death experience earlier this year. Now, new reports are surfacing that he recently underwent a second brain surgery--to re-attach a part of his skull that was removed in order to reduce swelling on his brain.

The National Enquirer (mind the source, y'all) is quoting an alleged "family friend" who claims:

“Randy is still paralyzed on his right side. He can’t walk, and he can barely speak. There’s nothing more doctors can do. Randy’s chances of a full recovery don’t look good.”

A second source told the tabloid a similar story, claiming:

“Randy is still confined to bed or a wheel­chair. He has to wear a helmet to protect his skull until it heals. A nurse visits every day, and he has two long-term caretakers.”

Last month, Travis' friend (and fellow country artist/Evil Inclinations co-star) Billy Ray Cyrus updated Entertainment Tonight on the singers condition, saying:

"If you love Randy Travis, keep praying for Randy Travis."

A rep for Travis also told ET that he was “currently in Texas in physical therapy and doing great!”

Randy recently released a previously recorded a tribute album, titled The Influence Vol 1. The Man I Am. The singer's website,, cites his decision to release a cover record, saying:

“When I think of my musical heroes of yesteryear, or the younger stars of this year, I am reminded that it is true we learn from the ones ahead of us, and teach the ones that follow. They are the reason I chose to make this album.”

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