‘Mirages’ Actor Raphael Schumacher Declared Brain Dead After Live Hanging Goes Wrong

By James Knight on Feb 07, 2016 05:06 PM EST

Like something out of an urban legend, Italian actor Raphael Schumacher was accidently hung in a hanging scene gone horribly wrong. The incident took place during a walkthrough experimental production of Mirages at the Teatro Lux Pisa on Jan 30, during a lynching scene. A member of the audience who is a med school graduate, tried to save Schumacher, who was declared brain dead after spending five days in a coma. The theatre has since suspended all productions.

An actor, who may or may not have been associated with the show, spoke with the Independent UK about the incident, saying:

 "The noose should have been fake and a harness should have caught him if he fell. I cannot explain how an incident like this happened."

There has even been some speculation on the part of police and other officials. Schumacher’s mother disagrees with this theory, telling reporters:

"My son recently lost his father and had ended a relationship but had found his serenity again. He didn't leave a suicide note and had no reason to kill himself."

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