Broadway ‘Gigi’ Star Vanessa Hudgens from ‘High School Musical’ to ‘Grease Live’

By James Knight on Feb 11, 2016 03:23 AM EST

Millions of young musical fans grew up with High School Musical. The hit Disney channel made for TV musical introduced a whole generation to art form ten years ago. Now, HSM’s lead Vanessa Hudgens is a full-fledged musical star appearing in the 2015 revival of Gigi and Fox’s live musical event Grease: Live. Now, Hudgens is opening up about how Grease inspired High School Musical and her time on Broadway.

Vanessa Hudgens recently spoke to Playbill about how Grease helped pave the way for High School Musical:

"High School Musical was High School Musical because of Grease. It was the original High School Musical, which is why it's so awesome that I'm now coming back ten years later and playing the opposite character.”

Hudgens went on to discuss her time on Broadway in the 2015 revival of Gigi:

“[It was] the best time of my life. I lied [down like a] starfish on the last day before the show and just bawled my eyes out. I was so sad that it was coming to an end because it was just so special to be sharing a stage with the cast in a Broadway theatre. Knowing that was my first go at it and that I'm never going to get that back was just so sad to me, but it was just so special. I'll never forget it.”

What did you think of Hudgens’ performance in Grease Live? Do you think she deserves an Emmy Award for her role as Betty Rizzo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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