YouTube’s Meg DeAngelis Talks ‘Dance Camp’ Movie

By Shane Jordan on Feb 12, 2016 12:18 AM EST

It seems that YouTube is series about jumping into the ring with the likes of Netflix and Amazon with its new $10 a month premium service, Red. Instead of relying on homegrown stars to come up with the own content, YouTube is now manufacturing content itself -- like Meg DeAngelis' new movie with Nadji Jeter, Dance Camp. Although she herself has no real background in dance, the current YouTube celebrity recently explained that the opportunity to star in one of the site's first project's was just too good to pass up.

In a departure from their old business model of simply letting their users create and load videos all on their own, YouTube is now taking serious steps to become an original content contender.

From the looks of things, the site's latest feature film, Dance Camp, seems targeted at the Tube's tween fan base with a plot that People describes as sounding more Nickelodeon than Netflix:

"The film follows Hunter [Nadji Jeter], whose mother ships him off to dance camp because of his reckless behavior.

"While he doesn't immediately take the camp seriously, Hunter soon finds himself teaming up with the fellow campers to take down a rival dance group -- all while snagging a love interest in the process."

For her part, Meg DeAngelis, who plays Jeter's aforementioned love interest in the film, admitted to J-14 that she had a hard time even taking the project seriously when she first heard about it but quickly realized that it might be her chance to break out into more mainstream Hollywood fair:

"Initially, when I heard about the movie, I sort of dismissed the idea of being a part of it since it's centered on dance -- a sport I'd never done before.

"But as I found out more about it, I started to realize how cool of an opportunity it was. I think, in order to grow, it's important to challenge yourself and that mindset helped me make the decision to audition!"

To see Meg DeAngelis and Nadji Jeter's meet cute in Dance Camp simply subscribe to YouTube Red to get busy streaming right away.

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