Guinness World Records Announced Ron Carter as History’s Most Recorded Jazz Bassist

By eufemia abadiano on Feb 20, 2016 09:02 AM EST

In accordance to the official announcement from Guinness World Records, jazz music legend Ron Carte has gained a world record as "the most recorded jazz bassist in history".

As of Sept. 15, 2015, the number of individual recordings credited to him has reached a spectacular total of 2,221. The result says it all. He deserves this title beyond any doubt.

This accomplished American jazz double bassist was a member of The Miles Davis Quintet during the early 1960s. He played alongside big names in the jazz music industry namely Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams and Wayne Shorter.

Although he is widely recognized with those magical hands when he plays the bass, he is also a cellist and had various recordings also credited to him on the said instrument. The cello was the first instrument that he learned to play at the age of 10. However, after moving to Detroit with his family, playing the cello resulted to having to face racial stereotyping on classical musicians which was dominated by Caucasians during his time. He decided to switch to playing the double bass and from then on, he definitely found his true calling.

Besides having this awesome title that Guinness just gave him, Carter was also a Grammy Award winner in 1998 for the instrumental "Call Sheet Blues" which he composed for the film Round Midnight. The jazz industry sees him as a well-rounded and distinguished composer, arranger and professor and on the Honorary Founder's and Advisory Committee of The Jazz Foundation of America's Board of Directors.

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