Jazz Composer Jon Crowley New Album Out March 11

By Shane Jordan on Feb 14, 2016 08:48 PM EST

Jazz trumpeter and composer Jon Crowley's new album, I Walk Amongst the Humans, with his current working band -- John Beaty (alto sax), Noah Berman (electric guitar), Max Maples (drums), Ben Thomas (bass), Brad Whiteley (piano) -- is set for release on Destiny Records March 11. His fourth album draws the inspirations for its unique sound from the Northwest alternative rock scene of the early 2000s.

In an interview promoting the upcoming release of her latest album, I Walk Amongst the Humans, Crowley reveals that the recording was heavily influenced by popular rock bands from the period like Death Cab for Cutie and Pedro the Lion:

"I wanted to truly explore the rock phrasing, the rock language, what part of the beat the melody lies on.

"I resolve my melodies in a similar way."

The album was recorded in multiple four-hour sessions spread over many months. The trumpeter compares it to a series of sprints, not needing to pace one's chops over a long day of recording. Many of the guitar, piano and bass lines are highly composed, allowing Berman and Whiteley to create intricate accompanying textures on guitar and piano.

Although, according to Crowley, it was John Beaty's innate sense of intensity that drew him to his frontline partner, whose approach to music often challenges the trumpeter's more reserved attitudes:

"We have a really good contrasting thing happening.

"I can be a little more delicate, and work my way into a solo...while John's going to go to this place of fire and energy, so I just write the song around that."

For those of you that can't wait, Crowley and his band as slated to unveil I Walk Amongst the Humans in an album preview show February 28, at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, 7 p.m.

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