Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot Amount for Tuesday, Powerball Prize Totals for Winning Numbers

By James Knight on Nov 11, 2013 10:42 PM EST

If you have been looking to play the lottery, then now is the time to start. This week's prize totals amount to almost over $250 million, combined. Get your tickets now for the Mega Millions and Powerball drawings this Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Mega Millions jackpot amount for Tuesday, November 12, broke the $100 million threshold, totaling $132 million. The cash value option is estimated for $71 mil.

Mega Millions jackpot amounts are drastically increasing, thanks to a new set of rules that went into effect last month. There has not been a grand prize winner since the rule change on October 22, however, several smaller prize amounts have been given out.

The new rules are meant to increase both prize totals and odds of winning. The Powerball jackpot for Wednesday, November 13, has also broke the $100 million mark, with a grand total of $110 million and a cash prize estimated at $62.2 million.

The official Powerball website explains the games rules:

"Players win by matching one of the 9 Ways to Win. The jackpot (won by matching all five white balls in any order and the red Powerball) is either an annuitized prize paid out over 29 years (30 payments) or a lump sum payment. Each ticket costs $2. If the winner chooses the annuity, the annual payment will be increased each year by the percentage set out in the Powerball game rules. The second prize (won by matching five white balls in any order) is $1,000,000 paid in cash and any time you match the red Powerball, you win. The overall odds of winning a prize in the game are approximately 1 in 32."

Remember, lottery games are intended for entertainment purposes only, as the Powerball website reminds players:

"Lottery games are just that--games. Lottery games are designed to be enjoyable entertainment for adults, and for the vast majority of lottery players, that's exactly what they are. Multi-State Lottery members sell lottery tickets for the benefits of their citizens, raising millions of dollars for worthy causes and projects...The Multi-State Lottery Association encourages all lottery players to be responsible in their amount of play. Never spend more than you can afford on any lottery product. Please remember, it's just a game."

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