Randy Travis Near Death & Paralyzed? Cancels Tour, Removes Health Updates from Website

By James Knight on Nov 12, 2013 02:29 PM EST

Randy Travis appeared to do doing better after his near-death illness this summer. However, many fear that the singer has taken a turn for the worse. New reports are coming in that Travis may be paralyzed. He has also canceled his most recent tour shows, and his website,, has reportedly removed all recent health updates.

Recently, Randy's father Harold Traywick spoke with The National Enquirer about his son's condition

"Randy is still in very bad shape...It's possible he'll never perform again."

The National Enquirer also spoke with two other insiders. One unnamed source told the tabloid:

“Randy is still paralyzed on his right side. He can’t walk, and he can barely speak. There’s nothing more doctors can do. Randy’s chances of a full recovery don’t look good.”

The second source echoed a similar story, claiming:

“Randy is still confined to bed or a wheelchair. He has to wear a helmet to protect his skull until it heals. A nurse visits every day, and he has two long-term caretakers.”

Recently, the singer had to cancel his scheduled appearance at the Alabama & Friends Festival at Sea Cruise. The event alerted fans to the cancellation via their official website:

"Alabama & Friends Festival at Sea and Sixthman join the rest of the country music world in offering healing thoughts and prayers for Randy Travis and his continued recovery. While we're grateful for his improving condition, we're sad to announce he'll be unable to join us for the upcoming cruise. Thank you for your patience as we've balanced the desire to respect him and his family in this difficult time with the need to address the potential impact on the cruise."

Meanwhile, the singer's own website appears to be ignoring the issue. All the most recent health updates have mysteriously gone missing from the site. Instead, the site is reliving Travis's former glory days, by posting an old concert info on it's Twitter:

"randytravis: Randy joined @willienelson on stage for fun times for Willie's Bday. Sang gospels and Randy led the Happy Bday song!"

Willie Nelson's birthday is in April and yet this is the websites most recent Twitter post from Travis.

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