Bret Easton Ellis Talks ‘American Psycho’ Ben Walker & Hollywood Support for Donald Trump

By James Knight on Feb 25, 2016 02:56 AM EST

Broadway’s American Psycho the Musical is almost here and, the original novel author, Bret Easton Ellis has given his seal of approval to Ben Walker as Patrick Bateman. Speaking of approval, it seems like a lot of members of the Hollywood elite might secretly be supporting Donald Trump. Ellis recently stated just that on Twitter.

Recently, Bret Easton Ellis went on Twitter to praise the new Patrick Bateman, actor Ben Walker:

However it is not all fun and games on Twitter. Just like Patrick Bateman many people in Hollywood seem to be hiding a few secrets in the closet as Ellis points out in a tweet:

Ellis hasn’t come out in support of Trump or against him but he has discussed the effect that Trump has had this election season:

Ellis has even adopted Milo Yiannopoulos name for Donald Trump, Instagram:

The full cast of American Psycho the Musical includes (via Playbill):

Benjamin Walker, as Patrick Bateman.
Alice Ripley as Patrick’s Mother/Mrs. Wolfe.
Heléne Yorke as Evelyn Williams, Patrick’s girlfriend
Jennifer Damiano as Jean, Patrick’s secretary.
Drew Moerlein as Paul Owen,
Krystina Alabado as Vandan,
Dave Thomas Brown as David van Patten,
Jordan Dean as Luis Carruthers.
Anna Eilinsfeld as Victoria.
Jason Hite as Sean Bateman.
Ericka Hunter as Sabrina.
Holly James as Christine.
Keith Randolph Smith as Detective Kimball.
Alex Michael Stoll as Craig McDermott.
Morgan Weed as Courtney Lawrence.


Brandon Kalm, Sydney Morton, Anthony Sagaria, Theo Stockman and Neka Zang.
American Psycho begins previews on March 24, 2016 and will officially opening date set for April 20, 2016. American Psycho the Musical is Directed by Rupert Goold and will be performed at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre located at 236 West 45th Street. Tickets are on sale now at

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