'Hamilton': A Founding Father Up Broadway With His Own Musical

By Teresa Swan on Feb 29, 2016 10:55 PM EST

One of the founding fathers is a having a serious resurgence of interest in his life. Alexander Hamilton has a big bestselling biography on his life. On the improbable side, there is also a big hit musical about Hamilton's life with rap and hip hop beats to score it's song list and express the turbulent event that took place in Hamilton's life. Amazingly, the musical, which serves up a serious history lesson while laying down the urban beats is booked up on Broadway through at least January of next year and has proved itself a crowd pleaser.

The playwright is Lin Manuel Miranda and he chose to illuminate Hamiltons' story with black and Hispanic characters and to chose the rhyme of rap for the music. According to an interview the playwright gave to 60 Minutes, he used rap because it was "uniquely suited" to tell Hamilton's life story. The playwright also added this about his choise of rap music for his play. The playwright elaborated about the use of rap "Because it has more words per measure than any other musical genre. It has rhythm and it has Hamilton had anything in his writings, it was density."

Hamilton's list of accomplishments, that he manage to squeeze into the 49 years that he lived, is impressive. Born an illegitmate child in the Caribbean, Hamilton would go on to became George Washington's top aide during the Revolutionary War. He was a Constitutional signer and the major driving force in the creation of the U.S. financial system. According to CBS, Ron Chernow is the bestselling biographer of Alexander Hamilton and he had this to say about his vision for the nascent young countrywhose creation he was involved in. "Hamilton had a vision of the country. There'd be no traditional agriculture, there would be no large cities, or factories,stock exchanges, banks,corporations, a central bank. In other words, the world we know today."

There was a downside to Hamilton's personality he was famously tempermental and got into disputes with a lot of people. He had a long dispute with Thomas jefferson about the issue of slavery. Although Hamilton was on the right side of the slavery issue he is best remembered for the way his life ended. The little matter of Vice President Aaron Burr and a duel ended up being the moment that most defined Alexander Hamilton.

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