‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice 2013 Fraud Arrest Update: Watch Husband Joe Trial on Bravo Over Fake ID

By Jonathan Lambert on Nov 13, 2013 07:50 PM EST

Teresa Giudice, star of Real Housewives of New Jersey, hasn’t been having a good year. In 2013, she and husband Joe were arrested and charged with 39 different counts of fraud. While they are currently awaiting trial, Joe Giudice will soon be headed to court over separate charges involving a fake ID. According to new reports, you’ll be able to watch portions of that trial on Bravo.

An industry insider recently spoke about the Giudices to Radar Online. The source elaborated about Bravo’s decision to film the upcoming spectacle:

“Joe’s fake ID trial is coming up, so the production team is making sure they can film the family, the court and how the other women are either supporting or talking about Teresa behind her back. With the holidays coming up there is ALWAYS family drama with the Giudices and the Gorgas so the producers are planning to get all of that on film too.”

For a family that is currently under multiple investigations, they sure don’t have any reservations about speaking to the press. In fact, Teresa recently sat down with Star, where she spoke about the upcoming trial. The reality star gave a frank answer when asked about what, if anything, her children know:

“The little ones know nothing. Gia knows a bit. But she is only concerned that we love her, and we always tell her we love her. If she has more questions, I will answer them. I wold rather her ask us than to hear things from other people who do not know us or the situation.”

Teresa was also asked about how her husband was holding up. Joe appears to be in good standing, according to Giudice:

“Joe is always an optimist, but he realizes this is a serious situation. He looks forward to his day in court. He wants to move forward, and his only concern is for our family.”

Of course, it’s not just Joe who’s helping her get through things, it’s also her faith. Teresa, when asked who she could trust, responded:

“That’s a hard one. Of course, my husband and our family and our legal team. I also have a great faith, and that helps a lot.”

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