‘Royal Heart’ Greg McGoon Releases New Book 'The Twisting Troubling Tanglelows’ Trail'

By James Knight on Mar 01, 2016 03:17 PM EST

The Royal Heart creator Greg McGoon is getting ready to release his new children's book, Traveling the Twisting Troubling Tanglelows’ Trail. The book is being published by Pelekinesis Publishing Group and is slated for release later this month.

Author Greg McGoon described just what the Tanglelows are in a press release which reads:

“The Tanglelows can be friends or foes, creatures that adapt to how we behave. This book recognizes both the hardships and the growth a person can face. The Tanglelows came to me as a personal discovery after experiences that caused me to question myself. Recognizing the Tanglelows inside my own mind allowed me to navigate through my doubts, and help me understand my own strength.”

Dr. Mary Baker-Ericzén, the Director and Psychologist, Intricate Mind Institute / Child and Adolescent Services Research Center in San Diego, CA, praised the book both as a great work as well as a tool for psychologists, saying:

“This book was written from the heart based on personal experiences. It is relevant to teaching psychological concepts as cognitive restructuring. It provides an avenue for youth through adults to conceptually understand, through the engaging rhymes and images of The Tanglelows, the impact negative thoughts have on well-being. The Tanglelows provide representation of the various thoughts that abound and begins to explain how thoughts affect emotions, core tenets of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Not only is this book a great family read as the story line applies to all and it stimulates rich discussion, but it’s also a useful tool for psychologists to use in treatment as well.”

Traveling the Twisting Troubling Tanglelows’ Trail by Greg McGoon will be released on March 15, for an estimated retail price of $19.99. The book contains 34 pages and is recommended for children ages 4 and up.

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