Tim McGraw 2013 Divorce Rumors: Faith Hill’s Brother Saves Marriage Among Cheating and Gay Claims [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Nov 14, 2013 03:31 PM EST

Rumors have been flying that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will be getting a divorce in 2013. According to a new tabloid article, it was Hill’s brother that saved their marriage, which has been plagued by cheating and gay allegations.

National Examiner, the world’s least reliable source of news, is back at work. The totally disreputable tabloid claims to have some fresh updates on the totally fictional divorce of Tim McGraw and his beautiful wife, Faith Hill.

According to a new article, Faith’s brother, Zachary White, is the only thing holding together their crumbling union. An unnamed source (who doesn’t even likely exist) told the gossip rag:

“He’s acted as a mediator between Faith and Tim during some of their worst blowups and helped them talk through their problems. In some ways, Zachary has saved Faith and Tim’s marriage--for now.”

Of course, this is the same disreputable publication that claimed Faith ran to Kenny Chesney for marital help as well. According to another “source:”

"She begged Kenny to talk with Tim and get him to stop humiliating her in public and start working on their marriage. All of Kenny's instincts were telling him to stay out of it. He argued with Faith, telling her that he and Tim have not been close lately. But Faith has also been Kenny's friend for many years and he could see she was frantic. [Chesney] eventually caved and told her he'd speak with Tim. Tim screamed, 'Stay away from Faith and keep your nose out of my business!'"

What do you think about the latest claims? Is there any truth to these ridiculous claims? Do you believe that Tim and Faith are ready to call it quits?

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