Alleged Scientologist Jaden Smith Talks Aliens, Before Will and Jada Cheating Rumors [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Nov 14, 2013 06:42 PM EST

Jaden Smith, who many claim is a Scientologist, recently talked about aliens with President Obama. The chat occurred prior to a wave of rumors that Will Smith was cheating on Jaden's mom, Jada Pinkett.

If you ever get a chance to speak with a sitting president, then you should probably talk about something that actually matters. For Jaden Smith, that happens to be aliens.

When the overly-opinionated youngster caught up with Obama, he asked the president if extraterrestrials actually exist. Jaden recounts the experience and, luckily for us, extrapolates the meaning of Obama’s statements:

“Obama said he can neither confirm nor deny the existence of aliens--which means they’re real.”

Speaking of aliens, it is rumored that Jaden’s family are members of the ultra-secretive Church of Scientology, which is rooted in the belief of aliens (ie: Lord Xenu). It’s a pretty easy connection to make, considering the Smith’s involvement in a school that utilized the teachings of L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

Despite pumping millions of dollars into the learning institute, it ultimately shut its doors over the summer. An alleged source spoke about the school to Star, revealing:

“Will and Jada put millions in to it [the school]. But there’s a lot more to a school than money--if people don’t agree with the teaching material, then all the money in the world won’t save it.”

Of course, the Smiths have long denied affiliation to the religion, especially in regards to the school. Jade tried clearing up matters, when she appeared on NPR:

“I definitely want to make it very clear to everybody that the educational institution that we have, the school that Will and I have, is not a Scientology school. And that, you know, I know there's been, you know, a lot of buzz around that idea and that it is not my desire to, you know, teach Scientology at all. And that the method of teaching in which we use, you know, is a product of L. Ron Hubbard, which a lot of schools in L.A. use that are not affiliated with Scientology at all. So I just need your audiences to know that it is not a desire of ours to educate children with Scientology, that is not what Will and I want to do. And our school is not, and I repeat, not a Scientology school.”

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