‘She Loves Me’ Laura Benanti Talks Difference Between Broadway and TV

By James Knight on Mar 18, 2016 12:56 PM EDT

Laura Benanti recently left TV (Supergirl, Nashville) behind to make her return to Broadway in the revival of She Loves Me. Now Benanti is opening up about the differences between TV and Broadway as well as her plans to blend the two.

Recently, Laura Benanti spoke to Variety about what makes Broadway so much different from TV:

“TV utilizes a different part of your brain and a different part of your craft, so it did make me become a better actor onstage. It’s so about being real. Sometimes with theater, and in particular musical theater, you can get a tiny bit presentational, because when you hear the audience laugh you can be like, ‘Ooh, I’m gonna do it even biggah next time!’ TV sort of grounds you in the truth, because you don’t have immediate feedback. You’re more living in the present moment.”

However, that doesn’t mean that Broadway and TV can’t be united in some form as she went on to add:

“I would love to do a New York-shot, New York-based late night variety TV show, for ladies and gays and any man who wants to come too. Thirty minutes, once a week. Sometimes the opening monologue would be a song. It’s something I’m actively trying to make happen right now. I think there’s a market for it. Maybe not on CBS, but with all of the streaming networks that we have, I do think there’s room for it. Sort of like Ellen meets Amy Schumer meets Carol Burnett.”

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