Jeff Beal’s ‘House of Cards’ Music Underscores the Show’s Tension

By Philip Trapp on Mar 18, 2016 07:10 PM EDT

House of Cards: Season 4 - Original Netflix Series Soundtrack will be released by Varèse Sarabande on April 1.

Composed by musician Jeff Beal, his fourth collection of the hit Netflix show's score continues to impress with its austere, ominous aesthetic.

Fans of the smash drama program will identify the important role Beal's arrangements play in the production's proceedings. Acclaimed actors Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright portray the show's malevolent political masterminds, while the neoclassical compositions underneath serve to heighten the intense mood for viewers. As Mr. Beal explained in the soundtrack's press release, and reported by SoundtrackNet, the series' story development supplies his direction for the melodic themes employed as its foreboding furnishings:

"The story lines of a House of Cards season always inform my musical choices. Season four has a sense of struggle and conflict. The estranged relationship of Frank and Claire Underwood, and a presidential campaign both have an urgency and pace [which] underscores the mood." 

The show, created by Beau Willimon and produced by exceptional film director David Fincher (Fight Club, Zodiac), has been captivating Netflix subscribers since it debuted in 2013. In first creating the series' score, Beal told Where to Watch how Fincher offered some curious musical touchstones as initial inspirations for the compositions:

"When David and I first met he shared with me one piece by this band Supertramp called 'Crime of the Century.' It's something I really didn't know that well, but the end of it has this sort of vamping sound, this really strange mixture of classicism and something much grittier. And I think that's what spoke to him. What we tried to do is create this sense of the political underworld with more electronic sounds and definitely the bass, which became one of the most important sounds for Frank's character. It had this predatory energy, which was really good for his character."

Make sure not to miss out on this intriguing soundtrack release, and be certain to look into the composer's previous soundtrack releases for the program's past seasons. Let us know your favorite piece of House of Cards music in the comments field below. 

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