‘American Psycho’ Duncan Sheik Asked Bret Easton Ellis for Patrick Bateman Insight

By James Knight on Mar 22, 2016 01:00 PM EDT

The all new American Psycho musical is almost here and fans are dying to see Ben Walker as Patrick Bateman. Recently, Tony Award winning composer Duncan Sheik revealed that he turned to writer Bret Easton Ellis for some insight into the mind of Bateman. Check out the report below to see if Sheik had any luck.

Duncan Sheik recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about trying to get Bret Easton Ellis to reveal the truth about Patrick Bateman, telling the publication:

“He’s been a friend of the court, so to speak. I met him a couple times around the time we were gearing up to do the London production, and I did ask him specifically, ‘in your mind, do you think Patrick Bateman is committing these atrocities in real life? Or is this something that’s happening in his own head?...He would not give me an answer.”

Ellis did reveal a few details to fans is an essay he penned for Town & Country, writting:

“If you read the book carefully and have a sense of Manhattan geography, you know that Bateman's sleek and minimalist Upper West Side apartment has an imaginary address. This suggests that Bateman might not be a completely reliable narrator, that perhaps he's a ghost, an idea, a summing up of the values of that particular decade filtered through my '80s literary sensibility: moneyed, beautifully attired, impossibly groomed and handsome, morally bankrupt, totally isolated and filled with rage, a gorgeously dressed and empty thing, a young and directionless mannequin hoping that someone, anyone, will save him from himself. All of this happens during the end years of the Reagan '80s.”

What do you think the truth is about Patrick Bateman? Do you think that he really killed all of those people or was it all in his head? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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