RETRO: "Zero Tolerance for Silence (Part 1)" by Pat Metheny

By Logan K. Young on Mar 20, 2016 12:49 AM EDT

Let's face it, protest songs are a dime a dozen.

Be it Britain or Iraq, Roe vs. Wade, black power or white guilt, nearly everyone's got an axe to grind.

And after a while, even that genre's best practitioners - Woody Guthrie, Marvin Gaye, Black Flag, etc. - can get a bit heavy-handed.

Real, concrète music of Dissent is pretty hard to come by, though.

So, when an American jazz legend put out a 40-minute album of nothing but unrehearsed and unrepentant guitar noise, people took notice.

Released in 1994 on DGC, 15 years later, it's since become Metheny's own, personal Metal Machine Music.

But unlike the late Lou Reed's - and now, his wife, Laurie Anderson's - hocus opus, no one could've seen this one coming...especially not "the man" himself, David Geffen.

Track listing:
"Part 1" – 18:32
"Part 2" – 5:17
"Part 3" – 4:19
"Part 4" – 5:13
"Part 5" – 5:53

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