REVIEW: Drilling A Hole Through The Sky: The Haters @ 30; GX JUPITTER-LARSEN, JOHN WIESE

By Logan K. Young on Mar 21, 2016 04:17 AM EDT


Drilling A Hole Through The Sky: 30 Years Of The Haters

(Hardback, 6x9, 251 pg + CD)


"1/7/1994 Livermore (#201)." Armed with a large drill-bit, GX Jupitter-Larsen hurls himself from 3,000 meters. During descent, he drills a hole in the sky as literal as only he could -- ∆G all along the "polywave." And thus the title of this handsomely packaged, shoddily reproduced grimoire from John Wiese's Helicopter imprint. As he tells Wiese in the interview that opens this de facto bio, "I never considered anything I did or do to be musical." To wit, Jupitter-Larsen's own descriptions of 338 Haters gigs from 1979 to 2008 read like an art class clown's send up of some stolid exhibition catalog. Thirty years removed though, for GX Jupitter-Larsen and his beloved "totimorphous," the more things erode...the more they stay the same.

I (pronounced a) – The Haters, “Crashbreak”
II (pronounced be) – Gerritt Wittmer, “Gap Decay (Mind The Drunk Mix)”
III (pronounced se) – The New Blockaders, “Junk Rhetoric”
IV (pronounced de) – Sissy Spacek, “Really Into The Haters (edit)”
V (pronounced e) – K2 with GX Jupitter-Larsen, “Boiling Autopsy”
VI (pronounced ef) – Sudden Infant, “Future Cheese”
VII (pronounced je) – Incapacitants, “For GX”
VIII (pronounced ach) – Frans De Waard, “Punch”
IX (pronounced i) – The Haters, “Spanking”
X (pronounced ja) – GX Jupitter-Larsen & Torturing Nurse, “Junktacky Spit”
XI (pronounced ka) – Jarrett Silberman, “On The Set Of The New Film About The Runaways”
XII (pronounced el) – Damion Romero, “Diamond Zero”
XIII (pronounced em) – The Haters, “Ball-Gag Poem”
XIV (pronounced en) – Glands Of External Secretion, “True Grit”
XIV (pronounced oh) – CRH. Draheim, “Smacked & Whacked”
XVI (pronounced pe) – Aaron Dilloway, “Final Play (for GX Jupitter-Larsen)”

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