‘Bonnie & Clyde’ Jeremy Jordan Talks ‘Supergirl’ Character Winn Schott Being Gay

By James Knight on Mar 20, 2016 06:38 AM EDT

Jeremy Jordan is known to many musical theater fans for his roles in plays like Finding Neverland, West Side Story, Newsies and Bonnie & Clyde. He is also known to many comic fans as Winn Schott on CBS’ Supergirl, which also features She Loves Me star Laura Benanti. Recently, Jordan opened up about the possibility of character in Supergirl being gay.

Recently, during a PaleyFest, the cast and crew of Supergirl were asked about the possibility of a gay character showing up, which Producer Greg Berlanti answered, saying (via Deadline):

“There’s no immediate plans to do that right now,”

Jeremy Jordan offered his character Winn Schott as someone he feels should be revealed to be gay.

Berlanti, who is openingly gay went on to discuss the importance of having a cast that is inclusive:

“These shows work best when they really reflect our entire society. We always want to keep adding to the characters and the cast and adding people so that everyone can watch the show and see some piece of themselves. I think what’s really always rewarding is when people watch the show and see some piece of themselves in a character that they wouldn’t think they’d have that much in common with.”

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