Jennifer Aniston Pregnant and Alone: 2013 Baby Bump Before Justin Theroux Wedding? [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Nov 20, 2013 11:48 AM EST

Rumors are once again flying that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant in 2013. A major U.S. tabloid is claiming that Jen and her baby bump have been left alone by Justin Theroux, before their upcoming wedding.

More than any other tabloid combined, OK! has incorrectly claimed that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. This time appears to be no different.

The latest edition of the tabloid put a picture of Aniston crying on the cover, with the text “Pregnant and Alone.” The article, however, is mostly about how Jen is trying to get Justin to say “I do.” According to an insider who spoke with the rag:

“Jen is in full marriage mode now. Before [Justin] left, she was really trying to pin him down to tie the knot. But Justin is getting so fed up with wedding talk. It’s not that he doesn’t want to get married, although there are some friends who still think that he’ll never go through with it. He’s just tired of the pressure and feels that Jen’s doubting his intentions, after he put a whopping [8-carat, $500,000] great rock on her finger.”

Allegedly, Justin and Jen will be living separate for the next six months, as Justin will be filming a new HBO series, The Leftovers. According to OK! Magazine, Theroux will be playing the police chief of a small town in post-Apocalyptic America.

While this is a giant break for Justin, who is much less famous than his gorgeous fiance, it is apparently creating a divide at home:

“The last conversation they had about it tipped him over the edge and he stormed off. Justin feels like all he’s done is take on the role of a lifetime. It’s unfair to try and twist his arm over this when he’s about to start this very important role for his career.”

The source went on to allege that Jennifer is pregnant, telling readers about the difficulties she may be facing:

“If friends are correct and she is pregnant, it’s going to be unbelievably hard on her. She did not plan on being left at home playing mom on her own. She’s doing her best to stay positive, like she always does, but there are moments, especially in the evenings, where she really misses him.”

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