Watch POTUS Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Dance the Tango in Argentina

By Ian Holubiak on Mar 25, 2016 02:19 PM EDT

When in Rome--or perhaps Argentina. In a recent video, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were filmed dancing the tango at the Kirchner Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires.

The gala was part of Obama's trip to discuss Argentina's reform agenda. Hoping to increase American cooperation in trade and investment, the dinner was an effort to bring the discussion to a larger table. During the event, dancers performed while Argentine President Mauricio Macri coached President Obama through the inner workings of the dance.

In the video, a female dancer asked the President to the floor while a male dancer did the same for Michelle.

Obama said in an interview ahead of his trip to the region:

"I think Argentina is a good example of the shift that's taken place in terms of U.S. relations with other governments and other countries generally. President Macri recognizes that we're in a new era, and we have to look forward."

As it's been stated, while visiting the South American nation President Obama claimed that he intends to declassify U.S. documents related Argentina's "Dirty War," a particularly gruesome period when nearly 30,000 Argentines were slain or disappeared.

After a coup in 1976, Argentina faced a seven year dictatorship and attempted to eradicate dissenters and political opponents of the regime. Many documents, as Michele Kelemen reported, were previously declassified from that era but now, documents to be revealed will include military and intelligence records.

Humans rights groups have pressed the issue further and want the U.S. to divulge what it knew during the time of the conflict.

Until then, check out Obama attempt to dance the tango in Argentina below.

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