Classical Guitar Students Show Their Chops at New Zealand Concert

By Philip Trapp on Jun 27, 2016 02:13 PM EDT

A group of over 20 classical guitar students performed a concert on Sunday night exhibiting their burgeoning instrumental talents. The event in New Zealand was part of a mid-year concert from the Classical Guitar Society in New Plymouth, helmed by guitar instructors Dominique Blatti and Ross Townsend.

Both Blatti and Townsend teach budding classical guitarists at the Taranaki Classical Guitar Summer School, a seasonal education institution designed to promote the appreciation of classical guitar in New Zealand while offering an instructional bedrock for country's aspiring nylon-stringers.

In a piece from Helen Harvey at the Taranaki Daily News, Blatti noted the students' performance anxiety but commended their instrumental progress:

"It's good for any music students to be able to perform to an audience, even though it's going to be nerve-racking for some of them. The experience is going to be sensational and awe-inspiring and for their parents as well so they can see what all the hard work and practice leads up to."

Blatti and Townsend also perform as part of various classical guitar groups throughout New Zealand. As detailed on the Taranaki Summer School's website, Blatti takes pride in performing classical guitar and teaching others the trade:

"Together with Ross Townsend, Dominique is part of a two guitar duo called Guitarra, which has regular private and public performances. She started a guitar orchestra (Con Tempo) in 2010, which won first place two years in a row at the New Plymouth Competitions. In 2012, Dominique initiated 'Guitarma,' a course of study for students that would otherwise be unable to afford lessons or instruments."

The classical guitar, an acoustic instrument with nylon strings as opposed to the metal strings found on most guitars, derives its history from the early guitars of the Baroque and Romantic periods. The modern iteration of the classical guitar is based on the succeeding spanish guitars designed by 19th century luthier, Antonio de Torres Jurado.

Below, watch a 2013 performance from the New Plymouth Classical Guitar Society.

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