Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Divorce and Breakup Rumors After Pam Anderson Crush [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Dec 02, 2013 05:36 PM EST

More Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi divorce and breakup rumors have surfaced this week. These latest allegations come after a major US tabloid claimed that the talk show host has a crush on Pam Anderson.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi may be going through some pretty serious marital trouble, according to Star. A source who spoke with the publication claims that Ellen has become obsessed with Pam Anderson and is falling in love with the beauty:

“[Pam Anderson] is all Ellen talks about these days. It’s become a real issue for Portia.”

The laughable publication went on to claim that Portia needed to watch out since Pam cut her hair short like Ellen’s:

“As the old theory goes, when two people spend way too much time together, they start to look alike.”


Of course, this isn’t the first “report” by Star about the DeGeneres splitting up. In an earlier edition, a source blamed Ellen’s controlling behavior on the deterioration of their union:

“Ellen’s a jealous control freak, and it’s taking a toll on Portia. Portia loves her to death, but she feels like she’s trapped in Ellen’s world and she can’t get out. She’s had it with Ellen’s jealousy and insecurities! There’s even been talk of a separation, but for now, they’re trying to work things out in therapy.”

Gossip sites and tabloids were quick to jump on comments Portia made when appearing on The Conversation with Amanda De Cadenet. While Portia did admit that she didn’t want to be a lesbian, the quote was taken out of context:

"I just didn't want to be a lesbian. I'd never met one for a start and I just thought they were strange and that they hated men and they were very serious and I had these ridiculous images in my head and there were no out celebrities or politicians or anybody that I could look to and go, 'Oh, I could be like that.' There was nobody that I could say, 'I could date her and I want to be like her.' I just kind of thought I don't want to live like this. I don't have to, I don't need to, I just shut down the emotional life.''

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