Cheating Cougar Kris Jenner Divorce: Bruce OK with Ben Flajnik Dating Rumors [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Dec 03, 2013 01:21 PM EST

New rumors are flying about the divorce of Bruce and Kris Jenner. Kris, who is accused of cheating on her longtime husband with much younger men, is allegedly dating Ben Flajnik. According to a new report, Bruce is just fine with whoever the cougar is long as it’s not Bruce, himself.

According to a source who spoke with Radar Online, Kris is definitely dating Ben Flajnik.

“Kris is enjoying all of the attention. Bruce could absolutely care less about it! Bruce is saying that Kris is now someone else’s problem Bruce has never been happier living alone in Malibu. It’s all about preserving the brand. It would look really bad if Kris was publicly in a relationship with a much younger man after just announcing the split with Bruce.”

Radar isn’t the only outlet claiming that Kris and Ben are hooking up. A source who spoke with Star revealed that the two are very much an item:

“[Ben and Kris] have shared some steamy nights together. She loves being a cougar, and Ben is the kind of hunky, young prey that’s right up her alley. And don’t think for a moment that her public appearances with him haven’t been another way for her to rub Bruce’s nose in it.”

Of course, that’s not all the tabloid is claiming. The gossip rag also quotes an insider who claims that Kris is desperately trying to hide money from her estranged husband:

“Kris has done everything in her power to go through their accounts and hide as much money as possible. Over recent months, she has been switching as much of her own money as she can into the names of her daughters...She’s already planning to transfer $25 million in Kim’s name alone--and Kim has no problem with that. She’s just as greedy as her mom.”

What do you think about the latest claims. Is Kris really dating Ben? Do you think the cougar ever cheated on Bruce? Is the Kardashian momager really hiding money from poor Bruce?

We want to hear your thoughts. Tell us what you’re thinking in the comment field below.

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