Randy Travis Near Death Health Scare Update, Paralyzed Singer May Never Perform Again

By James Knight on Dec 06, 2013 11:45 AM EST

Randy Travis was reportedly recovering after his near death health scare over the summer. However, it has since been reported that the singer is now paralyzed and may never perform again.

Earlier this fall. The National Enquirer cited two insiders who gave a health update on Travis' reportedly dire condition. The first source told the publication:

“Randy is still paralyzed on his right side. He can’t walk, and he can barely speak. There’s nothing more doctors can do. Randy’s chances of a full recovery don’t look good.”

The other source echoed the update, stating:

“Randy is still confined to bed or a wheelchair. He has to wear a helmet to protect his skull until it heals. A nurse visits every day, and he has two long-term caretakers.”

Some of Travis’ closest friends in the music industry are lending their support for the sickly singer. Billy Ray Cyrus lead the charge when he asked friends to pray for Travis. Garth Brooks took a moment during his one man live CBS show to cover Travis’ "Diggin up Bones." John Vaught lead a human chain for the superstar at a recent George Jones Tribute show:

“I’m so deeply honored to be in the church of Jones with you all. George Jones had a good friend who was really all of our good friend, and that is Randy Travis. And Randy is going through a great challenge as we speak, and he’s making great strides. And as we know the most important thing, the most important thing to a person’s recovery is their will to recover, and I feel that with all our love and prayers Randy will receive that energy and perhaps, perhaps a miracle may be shown.I know Randy is going to be listening to this. He’s going to be watching this so we have an opportunity to speak to him. Let’s make a human chain of love for Randy. Hold the hand of the person next to you, and…we’ll shout Randy’s name. He’s not too far away from here, he can probably hear us from this building.”

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