Kelly Ripa Cheating and Divorce Rumors Fly After Regis Philbin Book Mention and New Haircut [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Dec 10, 2013 08:49 PM EST

The usually squeaky clean Kelly Ripa suddenly finds herself dealing with a number of cheating and divorce rumors. These latest allegations come after Regis Philbin gave the host a shoutout in his book, and Ripa received praise for her adorable new haircut.

It looks like the National Enquirer is back at it. The disreputable tabloid is now claiming that Mark Consuelos is guilty of cheating on his wife.

According to the publication, Mark has grown too close for comfort with Alpha House costar Yara Martinez. One alleged source claims that things get pretty hot and heavy on the set:

“Mark and Yara are pretty hot together...but he’s got to remember he’s also ‘Mr. Kelly Ripa’ and better watch his step.”

Kelly, who rose to popularity by becoming the co-host of Live With Regis and Kelly, seems unphased by the latest claims. The host should be comfortable, considering how much Regis praised her in his book, How I Got This Way:

“There was one guest we'd had on with us a few years before who had [a certain sparkle]. Hers was a natural, quick-witted, unaffected, confident, fun-loving kind of sparkle that both Gelman and I remembered very well. We decided to invite her back, this time to consider her as a possible co-host. So that was when this smiling, petite ball of fire named Kelly Ripa made her return to Live! for a test run at the rotating, up-for-grabs hot seat to my left. And my God, who knew what spontaneous combustion we'd make together?”

What do you think about the latest claims? Is there any possible chance that her husband could be cheating on her? What do you think about her new haircut? We want to hear from you guys. Tell us what you think in the comment field below.

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