Lindsay Lohan Sues ‘GTA 5,’ Wrecks Barron Hilton After Cocaine Party Bash?

By James Knight on Dec 13, 2013 12:43 PM EST

Lindsay Lohan is used to partying like a rockstar and now she is suing one. The actress is reportedly filing a suit against Rockstar games over a character in Grand Theft Auto Five. Meanwhile, Lohan has bigger things to worry about than video games. New photos have popped up of pot and cocaine that were left over from a party Lohan was at. The very same night, Paris Hilton’s brother was attacked and Lohan has been rumored to be behind the assault.

Lindsay Lohan doesn't play games when it comes to her image. Lohan is reportedly suing Rockstar because of a character in their GTA series. The latest game in the franchise features a troubled celebrity not too unlike Lohan.

Erik Kain of Forbes commented on the issues saying:

"The paparazzi missions obviously do satirize people like Lohan, and the game’s writers may have even had Lohan in mind when they wrote those scenes. It’s more likely that they are amalgams of various generic celebrities, though, rather than Lohan specifically. Certainly I think it would be very difficult to prove."

As it turns out the characters physical appearance is actually based on model Shelby Welinder.

Meanwhile, Lohan now has bigger problems to worry about. The supposedly sober actress was recently at a rager in Miami where pot and cocaine were found. To make things worse, Paris Hilton’s brother Barron Hilton was assaulted at the party, and it has been alleged that Lohan was the mastermind behind the assault. However, Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, is coming to his daughter's defense. Daddy Lohan told the Daily Mail about his daughter’s innocence:

"We were on the other part of the house. I happened to hear, ugh, apparently Barron Hilton getting smacked and that's at the time me and Lindsay left the property and he came running out, crazy blaming it on her...The other guy that evidently hit Barron Hilton is even coming forward and said Lindsay had nothing to do with it...I wish people would just stop blaming Lindsay for all the stuff that they do.”

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