[EXCLUSIVE] Q&A with Kosha Dillz: New Album 'Awkward In a Good Way,' National Holidays and Jodie Foster

By Jonathan Lambert on Dec 18, 2013 09:51 PM EST

In a world of 50 Cents and Lil Waynes, it’s often difficult to determine where the disco stick ends and the goblins begin. The same can’t be said, however, for LA-based rapper Kosha Dillz, whose latest album, Awkward In a Good Way, continues to rise on the charts.

And while he probably doesn’t give a s--t about cultivating a brand, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been successful at doing so.

I mean, he’s got the most prolific Wikipedia page of anyone I’ve ever interviewed...and I’m taking into account that one time I got drunk and sent Duff from Ace of Cakes a letter (don’t ask).

In an exclusive Q&A, Kosha opened up about what it’s like touring with Matisyahu, the perils of starting a new national holiday and that film where Jodie Foster talked to aliens (we think):

What’s it like being called “the most fashionable Jewish rapper of all time?”

Its quite an honor, since I am known for being the worst dressed in my neighborhood in New Jersey. Thing is though, at my barbershop, those kids all ended up becoming designers of their own brand and working for top notch fashion brands/icons. Kinda hard to compete. My barber started a brand called "Get Fresh," which is some of the gear I sport. A lot of people are now giving me clothing for free. Great deal if you ask me.

If you were forced into having sex with one of the Kardashians, who would you pick?

I don’t think anyone has said the mother in regards to this question, but let me be the first.

What’s touring with Matisyahu been like?

It has been nothing short of amazing. That tour is just part of long process of patience and pay off. It has been a blessing to be invited on the stage by him for so many years. and then to open for him was a great step up. A lot of his fans know about me from freestyling with him so the tour was def the best I have had thus far in my career. The people that attend his shows are the people that I really want at my shows, too.

If you were lucky enough to have sex with any member of One Direction, who would you choose? (IT BETTER NOT BE HARRY!)

I don't think I'm legally allowed to say because they are all under age, right? I am also not into British underage Pop Icons. I do fancy Lady Sovereign though.

What’s your next upcoming project?

Lose 20 pounds--fix this flat tire--and selling my Awkward in a Good Way album, until I run out of the product. I am also starting a national holiday. I can't tell you what it is, for plagiarism lurks greatly upon this internet we live in. I actually have two national holidays I want to start. But for now I'm focusing on one.

How often do you think Paula Deen has used the n-word in her love making? Follow up: How often have you used the n-word in your own love making?

Occasionally, I have been known to scream Neurosis and Nancy in the bedroom, if thats what you mean.

Any exciting plans for the new year?

I will be headed to Sundance Film Fest, the mountains of Colorado, Israel, and a legendary tour as always. I'll be creating new music, too, in the first week of January. I will have some tour dates with Turquoise Jeep and Yip Deceiver, as well as Murs and Matisyahu I'm sure. Things like that are always bubbling and Awkward in a Good Way will most likely climb to the top of the billboard charts. I'll be shooting a music video for “We Are Different” ft. Murs and also my song "What's Goin On Upstairs".

Do you remember that film Contact? What happened in the end? Were there aliens? I've totally forgotten.

I never heard of the film. I do know now via Netflix that Jodie Foster has this line where she said, "We are not the moon!"

You can purchase Kosha's new album here. And for all things Dillz, check out his official website


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